Accountability Promise

This organization is resolute with the commitment to remove all mystery from ministry finances by creating a culture of openness and transparency in all our endeavors.
We prayerfully accept gifts and donations to help us carry out our mission. However, we reserve the right to reject or refund gifts or donations, if the spirit of the Lord convinces us to do so.
Make your check payable to The True Vine Ministry, or you can donate safely online at the link on this site. Thank you.
Donations/Contributions: Due to laws and regulations governing charitable contributions, donations are non-refundable. However, if you have directed a donation to us in error or need to adjust donations please email us as soon as possible usually within seven (7) days and, if the funds have not been distributed, we will make all efforts to resolve your issue.
Your Personal Data: Your personal data or contact information: names, phone number, home or email address will never be shared for any reason. We will not bother you for money either.
But we will list your name and your donation amount in our donors list & financial books, unless you choose to be anonymous.
You will be receiving emails from us from time to time, about our activities. Some of them will be pre-programmed to run automatically, if you don’t want to continue receiving information from us, just reply us to remove you from our list, no pressures.
Periodically, we will be inviting you to our various awareness and fundraising events; you can choose to host any of these events in your church, community or home.
Feel free to make this ministry a nonprofit of your choice; all your donations or contributions are eligible for tax deduction to the extent permitted by law. Thank you and God bless you.

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